...transmitting through space & time.

Eridanus Void - Materia Oscura | Distorsione Dell'Equilibrio Cosmico

The journey through the Eridanus Supervoid ended and they became one with dark matter... Reality or just an illusion?
Thus ends the chapter started with "Egemon][a" of a human crew intent to explore the infinity of cosmos.
Atmospheric Black Metal meets electronic and ambient elements due to create an immersive sci-fi voyage.

Physical edition includes "Materia Oscura | Distorsione Dell'Equilibrio Cosmico (Low-Fi Version)" as bonus track, lyrics, HD extended artwork and info.

Released: 2022-09-30
Label: Violet Nebula Productions
Code: VNP 013
Format: Sci-Fi USB Card
Limited to: 20 units
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12,00 €