...transmitting through space & time.


November 29, 2019

"MOONDWELLER - The Search" is out now!

From Russia, a massive release from this Cosmic Black Metal project. A journey through the unknown universe... Only 30 copies on 4-Panel DigiPak available.



November 4, 2019

"REALM OF ALGOL - Realm of Algol" is out now!

From the past, the definitive collection from the pioneers of Czech Cosmic Black Metal. We've bring to light the memory of this forgotten band, with unreleased songs for the first time released! Only 30 copies on 4-Panel DigiPak available.



July 7, 2019

"ALNITAK - Black Hole Gravity" is out now!

The Sardinian Symphonic Black Metal duo releases through VNP their first full album finally in physical format. Only 30 copies on jewel case are made.



June 3, 2019

"STARGAZER - Voyager" is available also through our Bandcamp! Only in digital format, this is a remastered edition and contains the bonus track "Orbit". This is the side-project of David, the co-owner of VNP.


April 19, 2019

"ERIDANUS VOID - Egemon][a" is now available in physical format! Printed by Acclaim Records, it is limited to only 50 hand-numbered copies. This is the debut album of our own Cosmic Black Metal project.



June 3, 2019

Violet Nebula Productions is reborn!

Now our aim is to discover new artists and bring to light gems of the past that are now forgotten. We're interested in atmospheric music, with a large dose of cosmic and sci-fi elements.