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L A N D S R A A D - The Golden Path

Based on the first book of Frank Herbert's Dune series, the debut album of this british Cosmic Synth project will transport you to the world of Arrakis, an epic journey through sand dunes and spice!


This collector's edition contains:

1 x MC Tape
1 x Aluminum/Golden Steelbox
1 x A5 CD with opaque carton
1 x "The Golden Path" flag, 50×50 cm
1 x Linen bag containing a small glass bottle of "Sand of Arrakis"
1 x "Litany Against Fear" in Fremen language
1 x Hand-numbered golden metal certificate card

Released: 2022-02-04
Label: Violet Nebula Productions
Code: VNP 011T
Format: Box set | Collector's edition + MC Tape
Limited to: 10 units
Availability: Sold out
42,00 €