...transmitting through space & time.


October 9, 2020

"IMMATERIÆ - Resonance" is out now!

Cosmic Synth from this fantastic Spanish one-man band. Where the future and the past collide in a mysterious work. Only 20 copies on 4-Panel A5 DigiPak are available (7 randomly include A3 poster).



September 25, 2020

We're glad to add to our distro the debut album of THANATONAUT "Interstellar" and the MOONDWELLER / THANATONAUT split. Both released by GS Productions.



September 4, 2020

"ANTΑRES - Portal" is out now!

Finally the debut EP from this German Cosmic Black Metal project is available in physical format. It also contains the bonus track "Outer Worlds and Inner Voids". It is released on Vinyl-CD on a 6-Panel DigiFile, limited to only 20 hand-numbered copies!



March 1, 2020

Our activity is on-hold because of Covid-19.
Every order will be shipped as soon as possibile.
At the moment we aren't able to release new bands, but we're planning our next steps, so stay tuned!


January 25, 2020

"VY KAOS - VY-K.001" is out now!

A mystic duo from Brazil, a suggestive instrumental debut album that transports you on desolate landscapes of distant planets and moons. Only 30 copies on 4-Panel DigiPak are available.